Lucia Press


by Vasiliki Katsarou

THREE SEA STONES is a beautiful book. The lines are tense with immediacy and the suggestion of vast distances: behind the urgencies of a fully-realized individual life, the depths of history.

                           – D. Nurkse, author of A Night in       Brooklyn and Love In The Last Days

Three Sea Stones was published in a limited edition of 75 hand sewn, signed and numbered copies. Cover printed on Rives BFK, with a band of an original print across the entire cover. Sold out. 

The Ballad for and of the Black Face Boy

The David C. Driskill Center at the University of Maryland the the Experimental Printmaking Center at Lafayette College collaborated to produce an artist book with National Book Award Winner Nikki Finney, commissioned by the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland. This book is in the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the collection of President and Mrs. Obama.



FUBAR is one of these books that are a gut punch for those who know about and feel the military experience from up close. Close enough to know when too much damage has been done to a human body. A collaboration between MaryAnn L. Miller and Poet J.C. Todd, FUBAR in one poem tells the story of a female air force physician's encounter with death.

Media: Monotypes, Rives BFK Paper, Combat Paper, Borsham Green Paper, Davey Board

Size: 12" x 48" open

Date: 2016

Price: 800.

On Foot/By Hand

This book is full of imagery created during my residency at the Ragdale foundation. The pages are digitized images of large (5' x 8') mono prints taken from plastic sheets on the floor. The figures of lost people have been made into printable monotypes from photo paper and then printed onto the pages. There is a hand dyed and sewn indigo wrap for each book.

Size: 12" by 40" approximately

Date: 2018

Price: 1000.

Hand Dyed and Sewn Indigo Wrap

We decided to wrap this book instead of making a box for it. Our research lead us to the zokin or Japanese dust cloth. It's sewn together with long stitches that hold it together. We engaged helpers called the 

Lucia Press stitchers to sew all ten of the wraps.

Anne Kaier  Shellie Jacobson Vernita Hall  J. C. Todd and MaryAnn L. Miller